Sunday, February 01, 2009

Super Bowl Hype-tacular

As. It. Happens.

The sound just cut out in the middle of the Obama interview. I bet it's because he's stringing together a truly presidential line of profanities.

Our president just gave a shout-out. I love this president.

Apparently Hines Ward will be proving the naysayers wrong.

Apparently the Cardinals are jumping around and all loosy-goosy. I understand that's good.

Faith Hill is here to sing us a song about the Super Bowl. Oh, good.

So Jennifer Hudson knocks it out of the park old-school style.

So Kurt Warner wins the Walter Payton Super Guy award for his good works on and  off the field. Now we know who is the best man. Now we just need to find out who is the best quarterback.

I'm rooting for Warner-Fitzergerald.

There should be a rule. Three syllable cut-off. Roethlisberger can be Roethlisberg or Lisberger, but not Roethlisberger.  Too many syllables.

It's not a good sign when Roethlisblabla can jog back and forth behind the line of scrimmage three or four times before delivering a caught pass.

In fact it's a bad sign.

A new Kirk? Too soon! Too soon!

OMG, AZ - 18 seconds to half-time on the 2 yard line and PICKED OFF ALL THE WAY TO A TD! AAAAHH!

James Harrison picks it off and takes it all the way back. He's walking the sideline, taking all the atta-boys from the team, and all I'm thinking is "he's got really nice cheekbones." I guess I'm not a complete football fan.

I guess I don't shop at any of the stores that apparently had 3-D glasses available for the special 3-D commercials. Lame.

And another nipple-free half time safely behind us.

Nothing is going Arizona's way tonight. Pittsburgh must have prayed better.

Grrrr. Arrrrgh.

Holy smoke, football fans, did you see that? First the safety, then Fitzgerald hits that pass full speed, and he's in the end zone!

2:36 to go - can AZ hold on to a three-point lead?

Crap. Pittsburgh is going to spoil our fun. First down on the seven yard line.

TD Pittsburgh. Its Pittsburgh 27-23.

Grrrr. Arrrrgh.

Dammit. This is the piglet, signing off on Super Bowl XVIII.


DT said...

Obama made a frighteningly accurate call, "pittsburgh will eek it out at the end."
Does that guy suck at anything?

piglet said...

I thought of that afterward. He even won the Super Bowl! Man!

cpt a said...

Bet Dean could crush him in a sprint...I'd pay to watch that one.