Thursday, February 19, 2009

I Promise to Come Back with a Recharged Brain Soon.

I'm a little wiped out these last two weeks from fighting virulent computer viruses, followed by a completely wiped hard drive, followed by the realization that the wiped hard drive is toast; followed by a brand new hard drive, followed by the server-link-up snafus and email-to-Outlook and Outlook-to-Word glitches that have inevitably followed. All while trying to produce the same amount of important legal words on important-looking legal paper that I normally produce.

Once I get home from work, I want to (a) run until I'm as physically tired as I am mentally drained; (b) eat food that doesn't taste like it's been wrapped in plastic; and (c) drink. In that order.

So far tonight, I'm up to (c).

This too will pass. In the meantime, I'm not at at the top of my game. But I'm pretty glad I'm typing this on an Apple product.


cpt a said...

Steve Jobs says "Janice rules..."

hedera said...

Bummer about the viruses.