Saturday, January 31, 2009

I Got Yer Garddam Herons Right Here

Like I said before, the first time I took Scotty down to the Salmon Creek trail since the Mean Lady Episode, the great blue herons, who can be coy at times, were just RIGHT THERE in my face. Unfortunately, I had no camera, so I could be lying to you right now. 

With a new mission of capturing the herons on film, we returned soon after to find no herons. None herons.

Not to be toyed with by a couple of googly-necked birds, we went back down with my camera on Wednesday and came back with these:

Okay, it's a heron and everything, but it wasn't being particularly picturesque, so we continued down the trail. Saw some cute ducks, took their pictures just so they wouldn't feel like they weren't as important, then turned around and noticed this in a tree.

In a tree! Weird, huh?

On the way back, the first heron took another stab at being picturesque:

Okay, and then today, down at Salmon Creek again, thinking I've got all the heron pictures I need for a while, we ran into a snow white heron, being all sorts of picturesque.  


Although I didn't have my super-scope camera, I did have my trusty raspberry, so I snapped this. It might not be picturesque, but it's evidence.

You are excused.


D.B. Echo said...

Ah, the lovely North American Pterodactyl! Spectacular in flight, especially while dwarfing planes in the background!

hedera said...

No, no - I believe you. Birds never appear (or almost never) to people equipped with cameras. I once missed getting photos of 5 turkeys walking down the middle of the street in front of my house, because my camera was in the other room and had no film in it. That was pre-digital-camera.