Monday, April 07, 2008

Vaycay Fotos Part 4: Please Just Stop Already

A little Zion National Park for effect. We had to hike up into the back country to get away from the Spring Break crowds, which was fun, but next time we plan to bring more food.

All these pictures (except for those taken in truck stops and through car windows with my raspberry) were taken with my Canon Rebel XTi - the camera that gets no respect. It's the entry-level model of Canon's fancy pro-type cameras based on the 35mm SLR body. Thus, for the pros and elitist amateurs out there, it is branded as a kindygardener camera. But it has all the basics necessary for a true amateur to take decent pictures.

Everything except a lens hood, which is so embarrassing. My Rebel sticks out like a racing bike with a kickstand because it doesn't come with a lens hood (and one isn't even offered as an accessory - I checked today). Drew and I didn't even know the name of what I was missing ( we called it a rubber lens shady thingy), but all the cool kids seemed to have one.

A camera with a lens hood

I don't care. Let them laugh. I bet I still got better pictures. Mine have Drew in them.

The downside to having Drew as a hiking companion (besides the constant complaints about sore feet, knees, hips and/or back), was that he occasionally insists that I take pictures of geological phenomena that look like rude pictures.

Hence, the butt-crack hill photo.

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cpt a said...

Butt crack hill proves that God has a sense of humor. Cool spot.