Friday, April 04, 2008

VayCay Fotos Part 2 - The Early Years

We stumbled into (while actually stumbling) a truck stop in Idaho called the Garden of Eden. Public Service Announcement: They have Garden of Eden Truck Stop Mugs with your name on them. Get one.

Meanwhile at the Garden of Eden, Jenny found her own blond Guardian Angel with Blond Baby Jesus and Flowery Cross. It was not at all too glittery.

I call this Road Trip at Sunset. Contact me for reasonably priced prints.

This was my favorite souvenir from Wyoming. Not at all too pearly and shiny. If you can't read the bottom of the pig, it is the State Motto: The Equality State. However, the words on this particular pig seem to be crossed out by the reins from the saddle pictured on the right, that seem to be laying in the Wyoming dust. Nice, huh?

This is proof that southern Wyoming has a layer of smog from all the chemical and mining processing plants dotted along the highway.

Oh, by the way - update for the Captain/Chief: a week and a half in Colorado Springs and Dean has staked out the most coolest bike shop in town and convinced them that they need to hire him without further delay.

Check in often for important vacation photo updates!

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hedera said...

Road Trip at Sunset is a really good shot. You should be proud. It isn't the camera - it's the brain behind the camera.