Thursday, April 10, 2008

Vaycay Fotos - The Final Chapter: The Cask of Amontillado

We were passing through Wyoming, and glad to be summiting a pass so that the truck's engine could take a breather from pulling the trailer.

We had to pee so we stopped at a rest area.

And there was Abraham Lincoln,
miserable and mortified, standing shoulder-deep in a trap of stone bricks.

This, we learned inside the rest area-slash-statue-viewing station, was the Abraham Lincoln Memorial Monument, of which the State of Wyoming seems to be quite proud.

And no, they did not run out of money and decide to stop carving at the shoulders. It was planned this way, by an alleged art professor. If you want to know his name you can look it up. I see no reason to impune his name as well as his "vision."

It was completed in 1959. I like this picture of the head being plopped into place. Rather undignified, but not really as undignified as its final resting place.

If he only knew what Wyoming had in store for him, do you think he would have worked so hard at his job? I wonder.

We're sorry, Mr. Lincoln. It wasn't our idea.


cpt a said...

not a dignified look for Abe...we do not approve.

hedera said...

Actually, we're heading for a vacation in the Wyoming-Montana neighborhood - I'll have to look for it. There isn't much around to mistake it for...