Friday, April 18, 2008

Random Notes Friday!

  • Something I would like to see: A montage of all the scenes in movies and TV shows of men wearing one of those women's negligee robes with the fluffy boa trim. Whenever men get caught without their clothes, the available closets always seem to be well-stocked with these things. I've never owned one. Am I missing something?
  • What is it with black SUV drivers? Why are they all assholes? Is it that a certain dicky kind of person gravitates to the black SUVs on the car lot? Or is there something about the black SUV that makes an otherwise sensible person drive like a kitten torturer?
  • I just realized that my boss drives a black SUV and she's like one of the nicest people in the world (and no, she doesn't read my blog). Her husband drives a black SUV too, and although he tends to forget to use his rear-view mirror while backing up, he's nice too. There goes my theory.
  • French cops on rollerblades. That will not stop being funny. Yep, still funny.
  • I am looking at the notes in my raspberry, and (I swear) one says, "Did he say I'm worth my weight in squirrels?" I know I'm becoming a little deaf, but what even sounds like "squirrels"? Girls? Epidurals? Okay, maybe pearls...but that's an odd thing to say.

1 comment:

hedera said...

I've never had one of those negligees either. Must be some kind of guy thing.

I don't know why you think being an asshole is restricted to drivers of black SUVs. Anecdotal evidence based on personal observation suggests that ALL SUV drivers are assholes to one degree or another...