Monday, August 06, 2007

Daughter-In-Law Successfully Procured

Adorable couple posing at the Skidmore Fountain during Saturday Market. Why not?

Adorable wedding party members enjoying a pre-wedding beverage. Why not?

Some random parent and grandparents waiting around for some wedding action. Isn't that foxy silver haired lady wearing the most adorable dress?

Adorable wedding party milling about at the Skidmore fountain for a good reason, I'm sure.

The wedding was short, full of friends and good wishes, and a few laughs. The bridesmaids were lovely and teary. The groomsmen were goofy and warm. The groom was handsome, funny, and fashionable. The bride was beautiful, funny, and relaxed. It was obvious to everybody in attendance that they chose each other well.

The party afterwards was happy, all-inclusive, and full of the best family and friends. I danced like an idiot, but I wasn't alone.

If you don't count the gorgeous bride and groom, I'm going to have to give the Cutest Dancing Couple award to my parents.

Although I may be biased.

I heart Dean and Jenny. They work hard and play hard and know some stuff. And like the best show dogs, they have great bloodlines. They are going to go places.

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