Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Back To (Killing) Nature

It felt good to get out there for a couple hours and dig out ivy roots with a pickax again.

I've been out of the game due to wedding duties, but I had a few hours to myself today (after I completed the few hours to myself that I spent lazing around with a book), so I girded my loins (well, I put on sunscreen) and ventured out to the ivy patch for some ivy killin.

I don't know what I'm going to do for therapy once the ivy is gone. There is nothing like yanking a dachshund-sized root out of the ground with the help of your trusty pickax and tossing it onto the pile of formerly-vanquished dachshunds to make a smallish female feel like a Riveting Rosie.
It's the exact opposite feeling I get from going to the gym and ending up moving myself and my tiny weights to the corner to make room for the larger, more important-seeming manly, grunting types.

I suppose there is no shortage of vines of one type or other here at Estate Von Kleine Schweine. Always something to kill.


Austin Powers said...'re an animal Baby...very grrrr

anne altman said...

my roots need hilightin'.

piglet said...

Get yourself a red kerchief with white polka-dots. Problem solved, I say.