Tuesday, May 01, 2007

What Gives?

I hereby present the first installment in my highly anticipated new series, "What Gives?" in which I ask the thought provoking, yet highly entertaining question, "What Gives?"

  • What gives, when you get some paint scraped off your bumper, the dealership tells you it will cost you $681 to fix?
  • What gives, when God makes dogs so cute and useful, and then loads them with skunk juice in what the vet calls their "anal glands," but must actually be God's Sense of Humor Bags, and then makes said bags highly susceptible to plugging and/or leaking?
  • What gives, whenever you answer the phone with a humorous "yellow" or "how's it hanging," that the person on the other line is there to tell you some ghastly bad news about somebody's health and/or jail residence status?
  • What gives, whenever you run out of wine, that your blog entries become dark and brooding?
  • Ha Ha!
  • What Gives?

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