Sunday, May 06, 2007

Graduation Sounds, Wedding Talk.

Friday I was still shopping for a graduation present for Katie, my niece, whose graduation dinner party is the following day. Found a present, but not a good one by any means.

Saturday evening was Katie Day, as she is celebrating the successful completion of her double major in nursing and English. Actually this weekend is Katie Weekend, as the festivities at the University of Portland started at 9:00 Saturday morning with a special nursing graduation event, continued through some sort of mystical Baccalaureate Mass that afternoon, and will conclude Sunday with the actual graduation ceremony. Apparently, when the University of Portland graduates you, you stay graduated.

I, I might add, served as designated driver for Dean and Jenny for Saturday's dinner festivities. I only freaked them out with my erratic driving maybe twice.

Dean and Jenny were horrified at the sheer mass of children at the dinner, and the resulting decibel level. Which steered the evening's conversation toward how to word the upcoming invitations to make it clear that their wedding is meant for the over-21 crowd. I suggested calling it an "adult themed wedding," but they didn't go for it.

Speaking of their wedding, it seems they have found a minister to officiate, which lets me off the hook (me having been tapped as their website-ordained back-up), which is mostly good, but a little bit of a bummer, since I had a doozy of a speech percolating in the back of my head. Although if the wedding were to land on the wrong day, biorhythmically speaking, the Toastmaster Janice would have failed to show up, and the Stuttery, Pigletty Janice would have been stuck with the job.

Despite the children investation at the dinner, it was great to see every (adult) one, and holler family in-jokes, introductions of poor Jenny, and congratulations over the din.

On the way home, Dean pronounced Mom (Grandma) one of his favorite people ever. She certainly knows how to liven up a party.

It was also nice to come home.

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