Friday, April 13, 2007

Summing Up

Been away from the computer this week. I will start at the beginning. No. I will sum up.

  • Guilty pleasure confession: Dancing with the Stars. Apolo Anton Ohno is on this season, and he's cute as a meerkat. I just wish I could shave that 90's soul patch off of him.

  • Kurt Vonnegut. He had such a dark opinion of his fellow humans, but revealed it with such light-hearted, jaunty language and imaginative, off-beat stories that just made me feel all fuzzy that somebody like that could be alive on this planet. But now he's not. Bummer. (BTW, that sentence is a good indication of why nobody pays me for my writing.)

  • Not-so-guilty pleasure confession: This American Life on Showtime. I like it, but not as much as the radio version. There, I said it.

  • Okay, which household in America has this combination of tickets under its roof: Rush (whose website seems to be beset by bad weather), Chris Isaak, The Decemberists, and NPR's Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me? Why, ours, of course. Hey, I had nothing to do with the Rush tickets. In fact, Drew had to find a "boyfriend" to go with him. I suppose he could have looked for a girl to go with him, but girls hate Rush. Oh, and mostly everybody else. But I do like Chris Isaak. I know. Guilty pleasure category again. However, nobody should feel guilty about The Decemberists or Wait, Wait. Unless you're some kind of Smug Elitist Hater.

  • Mom and Dad are trying to find a house to buy in Longview while living in Eugene. Not easy. Especially when you're looking for the perfect house. But who wants a non-perfect house? Nobody. So if you know of a perfect house in Longview, give us a jingle. I'll be glad to have them closer, and Drew will be glad not to have to drive the Grass Seed Corridor of Death in spring and summer (gesundheit).

  • Poor Dean is drowning in retail hell this weekend. Pity him until his paycheck comes.

  • I, personally, am barely keeping my head above water (or ink - ha!) in the heart of a paper storm at work. I see some blue sky ahead, and then another storm gathers on the horizon. The dull ache of job security. With any luck, I'll get to paint this weekend.

  • Hey, check Dean's blog for a dead brilliant photo of one of his team mates.

  • Cheers.

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