Wednesday, April 04, 2007

More Pictures to Look At

Since I spent today holed up in the right side of my brain, I no words got, so here are some pictures from our trip up the Gorge this weekend.

We sampled some local art.

This is Drew trying to look like his back, knees, ankles and feet don't hurt. Sissy.

This is a piglet enjoying a lovely 7-mile stroll (or Death March, if you ask Drew) along the Old Columbia River Highway. No cars. It's awesome.

Here is the view from our window at Skamania Lodge, where we stayed Sunday night (thanks, Boss!). The Sunday brunch there is one of those ones where you get to eat everything you would normally avoid, either because of cost or calories, then you eat more of it. Then you have dessert. Ridiculous. I'd do it again in a minute.


Dean said...

sweet. someday you can drive there in your hydrogen car. forget the prius, check this baby out.

piglet said...

Only one and only five million quid? No problem. Unless Exxon gets there first.