Monday, April 23, 2007

Public Service Announcement

Randy Neves joined the KGW (Channel 8 Portland) news team in 2000, at which time they took this publicity photo of him.

Since then, he has put in some serious hours in expanding his hipness quotient. Unfortunately, the KGW news team has neglected to update his publicity photo. So in the interest of public service, I did my best with the tools at my disposal (a printer/scanner, a pencil and ten minutes) to produce this updated photo.

You're welcome, Randy. And citizens of Portland.


DT said...

everybody loves hipsters. They're quiet, they stay out of your way, they dig good coffee shops and restaurants and they always have the best music at parties.

All things considered, i'd rather be surrounded by Portland hipsters than Texas hicksters.

piglet said...

Hey, some of my best friends are hipsters.