Monday, January 29, 2007

What I Did This Weekend.

A list of the things I did this weekend:
  1. Washed windows.
  2. Picked up dog poop.
  3. Brushed dogs (Sounds easy? It takes and hour and a half for a collie and a half).
  4. Finished a painting of a nutria.
  5. Framed three other paintings and hung them.
  6. Vacuumed.
  7. Bought a mop.
  8. Mopped.
  9. Cleaned both bathrooms.
  10. Bathed both dogs (who both hate baths).
  11. Did laundry.
  12. De-pilled my sweater.

A list of things Drew did this weekend.

  1. Drove to the Mojave dessert with a friend.
  2. Met his brother and brother-in-law.
  3. Rode their dirt bikes all over the desert.
  4. Camped out in the desert with a roaring fire.
  5. Rode their birt bikes some more.
  6. Ate barbeque.
  7. Drove home.

Which list would I rather have done? The former (for you grammar-challenged, that's the first one). Not a dirt bike fan. Not a desert fan. Not a camping fan.

But don't you think Drew owes me anyway?

That's what I was thinking.

1 comment:

Drew said...

Just name your price Baby, trip to the beach, a week of dishes, whatever you want, it was worth it. And list number 2...pretty much rules.