Saturday, January 06, 2007

Fair Warning.

It's January and that means diet time.

This time I'm serious. My blood pressure and my weight seem to be in a race for top number, so I'm hoping to put both in reverse for a while.

Diets take all the jolly right out of me, so you might want to smile and nod when I start contemplating the pros and cons of carrying out citizen's arrests using deadly force on thoughtless parking lot drivers.

Hey, you might not have felt the need to stop at that ever-so-inconvenient cross walk in front of the library when no one was looking, but when a mother and toddler are trying to get across, you better, by George Michael, stop. Because next time I'm coming at you with a kiddie badge, low blood sugar, and a sharpened piece of bok choy, and you're going down.

You know who you are.

Low blood sugar makes some people sleepy. It's just making me angry.

Just so you know.

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