Monday, September 11, 2006

Vancouver Hearts NY

As the wife of a fire captain, it was my duty today to go to a memorial to the fallen public safety personnel and innocent victims of New York and D.C. this day (which also happens to also be our wedding anniversary) here in Vancouver (Washington, not B.C).

It was touching (a local police officer with a wonderful voice singing the National Anthem, a friend playing bagpipes, seeing all the faces of Vancouver’s finest and bravest) and infuriating (constant conflation of 9/11 and the current fiasco in Iraq).

My favorite part was in the closing prayer by a local pastor, who first asked God to bless this country, which our forefathers set up to be just like He liked it, and then invoked Him to flush out the enemy for us so that we might kill them as He intended.

So evildoers, you are on notice.

Vancouver “hearts” NY and DC, and our thoughts (both the righties and the lefties) are with you.

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