Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I'm going to the dentist this afternoon. I actually called and made the appointment myself because Drew is afraid of the dentist. Actually its more of an anger thing. But its not good grammar to say Drew is angry of the dentist.

So if you need to go to the dentist, I can call for you. I totally nailed it.

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Drew said...

When did dentists become like lawyers...they've made up their own language and come up with millions of reasons why you need to come back 2/3/4 times a year, and they don't want to fix cavities anymore. No, now they want to "seal" your perfectly good teeth so that they won't someday, maybe, get a cavity...but maybe not...but your insurance won't cover it...but it's VITAL that you have it done. Oh yeah, we can set up a payment plan if you can't afford it cause you REALLY need it...maybe.

Whew...OK I'm done.