Monday, May 15, 2006

What I learned this weekend

Let's get right to it:

  • The more time you have, the more imaginative ways you can find to waste it.

  • The more money you have, (repeat above).

  • My sister was not particularly overly cruel to me growing up. Cruelty comes naturally to sisters. This learned after observing my nieces just being sisters.

  • The Muckleshoot Indians have the best name in the Indian business. Muckleshoot is fun to say. Actually, I already knew this; I’m just passing it on so you can say it too.

  • Cows do not come trained. Those little county fair dudes have to train them to walk around in a circle with them. Okay, maybe I knew that already, but one forgets.

  • Buffalo babies are cute. Not as cute as lambs, but what is? My other, other dream is to own a sheep ranch in New Zealand. Is it a ranch if you have sheep? Or is it a farm? Ovisiary?

  • Turns out that, according to their website, the subtitle of Sheep Magazine is “The Voice of the Independent Flockmaster.” That’s what I want to be. A flockmaster.

  • Flockmaster would be a good name for a Christian rock band.

  • Some sales people are so dedicated to their craft that they will explain why an item of clothing is a good thing to buy even after you ask them to ring it up.
  • If you own a coffee shop named the Fehrenbacher Hof, you can have a sign out front that says "The Hof is open." A sign like that probably wouldn't work as well if you didn't have a hof.

  • The sunscreen has not been made that can protect my neck-shoulder area from being sun burnt while doing yard work.

  • There is too a phenomenon, the workings of which have not yet been discovered, that makes shorts shrink while in storage over the winter.

  • Yes there is.


cooper said...

Piglet, since you mentioned New Zealand, Becca and Brian have left Asia and are currently in New Zealand and sending out reports. Maybe you'd like to check them out -


Dean said...

wow, those are way more informative than the updates from my kiwi adventures... mine pretty much consisted of me going wwwhaaAAAAAAAHHHOoooww. and wwweeeEEEEEEEAAAHHOOOOWWW. and AUAUUUUUGGGH BOO HOO IT HURTS.

good times. lots of caps.

piglet said...

Becca and Brian are amazing. Dean came home with some wonderful and amusing things to say about NZ, Kiwis, and their government. Made us want to find a NZ sheep farm (and fire station) of our own.

BTW, my Word Verification word is "slerkbic." That's a keeper.