Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Random Thoughts Part 1

I don't know for sure that this is part 1, but it's a safe guess, since most of my thoughts seem to spin past my head and just keep going...kind of like asteroids in a bad sci-fi movie. Very few stay long enough to allow themselves to be cooked into something more filling. No, I do not care that I am mixing metaphors so badly I seem to be baking asteroid pies...and no, I have not had any of that Pinos Gris in the fridge...yet. And so I allow myself to descend to the land of bullet points again...I blame you, Dean...
  • Asteroid pies would make a good name for a rock band.
  • Remember when nobody would admit to voting for Nixon? I'm hoping the same thing will befall the Bushies. We just have to find some sort of Bushy-gate. It's quite a challenge, though, since the Iraq disaster has not seemed to faze his popularity yet, nor the fact that Dicky Cheney has made Halliburton a federal budget line-item, or that Halliburton has in the past played footsie with all sorts of Bush-pronounced evil-doers in order to make more dough, or that Bush's last Attorney General seemed to be a Saturday Night Live character reject (Church Lady, meet Church Fella), or the fact that he can't talk good.
  • I was telling Drew yesterday that I think the whole Bush phenomenon has something to do with the cognitive dissonance they must be feeling about backing these folks for reasons they can't seem to put into words (usually something about the courage of his convictions, or the coyotes out back whisper his name at night), and yet hearing about all the trouble the Bush administration seems to spread behind them like snail goo. Instead of changing their minds, they are plugging their ears and sticking with their convictions, too, wrong or right. And the more wrong it seems to have been to back him in the first place, the louder they are having to holler that they are right to make themselves feel better. I don't know, really. Do you have a better idea?
  • We got a rock chip in our brand new windshield in our brand new car yesterday. It was bound to happen sooner or later. But it happened sooner. It serves us right for playing hooky and going to the beach. Yes, it was sunny and calm, but c-c-c-cold. Beautiful sunset, as expected.
  • Speaking of sunsets, apparently "Peter + Shannon = true love." We shared the beach and the sunset with Peter and Shannon, two teens who seemed to be trying to eat each other's face.
  • Yes, we shared the beach with two other people. Eat that, Southern California. Of course, it was thirty-five degrees, but still, ha-ha.
  • Of course, that was the second sunny day in January since, well, ever, but still, we win today. Leave us this.

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