Saturday, April 11, 2009

Worth It

Now for some useless stuff:

Things that are worth paying more for:

  • Soft, fluffy toilet paper. Don't deny yourself by buying that cheap Costco stuff any longer. Paper companies have made great strides in producing toilet paper that makes you feel like you are wiping your po-po with a cloud. This means happiness six times a day, on average. WORTH IT.
  • Cap'n Yoby's halibut fish and chips in Longview, Washington. Just try it. No. Shut up, get in your plane, train or automobile, and go get some.
  • Premium dog food, but only if you want less diarrhea, skin conditions and kidney failures. You are what you eat, but you get lots of chances during the day to get it right. Your dog eats only one thing. If you can afford it, go for the one with less corn husks and melamine.
  • For my peeps: Bicycles. I would explain this one, but I would get it all wrong. (It's something like you need to get titanium gear splangers, but make sure your squigsten shifter is carbon. Or something.) All I know is, spend less than a grand and if it doesn't get a crack in the stwingle-nut derailleur while packed in the back of your car, your friends will laugh at you behind your back as soon as you take it out for its inaugural ride.
  • Costco Bakery multi-grain bread. You know the kind that comes two to a paper bakery bag? It's really good. Sliced sort of thickly and toasted with a soft-boiled egg in the morning? Perfect breakfast.
  • Pizza. Expensive restaurant pizza is way better than inexpensive restaurant pizza. Expensive take-out pizza is better than cheap take-out pizza. And cheap take-out pizza is way better than frozen pizza.
  • Chocolate. I shouldn't have to explain this.
What am I forgetting?


cpt a said...

Coke- the real Coke. Like John Belushi said "Coke, no Pepsi" Believe it.

European motorcycles- Japan just can't match 'em. KTM, Triumph, contest.

Deschutes Brewery IPA- oh don't act like you don't know...yummm

DT said...

Mexican Coke. Real sugar from actual canes and everything. No High Fructose Partially Hydrogenated Soy Sweetener Product. No chemically aftertaste.

Music. At a record store. For so many reasons. iTunes' suggestions suck, and it wont tell you when your favorite independent artist is playing at your favorite bar. And for that matter....

Live music.

Travel. Because the world is a pretty cool place. Every time I step off a plane in a different country or even state, I'm endlessly grateful that I have the parents and support network that I do.