Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Vacation Captain's Log: Kitsch Alert

The weather cleared up this afternoon, so we did a little hiking then set out for one of Colorado Springs' premier tourist traps, Seven Falls. Nine dollars apiece to get in and one long waterfall, broken down into seven distinct portions for your viewing pleasure. We did take advantage of the stairs built into the steep canyon wall to see the top of the falls and some other stairs that offer a vantage point of the whole shebang. Pictures of those areas to follow, but the following are much more important:  our favorite gift shop kitsch items.

Although there were plenty of other worthy items, including a moose snow globe and some pajamas that said "Text Moose-aging" on them (as far as I know, there are no moose in this area), I chose a pair of pink fuzzy slippers in the shape of cowboy boots.

Drew choose a sort of fuzzy stuffed eagle, appropriate for classing up any hearth. 

If these alerts have caused anyone to need such items at a pharmacological intensity, we are willing to return tomorrow morning to Seven Falls (admission $9 per shopper) and purchase them from the (conveniently placed so that you must pass through it to get to the falls) Gift Shop. You have until tomorrow at eight a.m. Mountain Time to request your purchase. Price of the item will include admission.

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