Monday, September 01, 2008

Why? What?

I was asked yesterday why I blogged, and what it was I blogged about.

Although I was pretty clear about the why (see title), I wasn't sure how to answer the what. At the end of the conversation, it seemed like the consensus was that I was wasting my time.

To avoid such self confidence-destroying conversations in the future, my current goal is to think of an answer for the what without resorting to my new standby answer, "you do not have the proper clearance."

Here are some ideas.

  • I write about life from the perspective of a hermit.
  • I post reminiscences of my life as a hobo.
  • I am the proprietor of a dog hair management website.
  • I write about everything but the stories my husband brings home from the fire department, which would make a better blog, but which might not be so ethically hygienic.
  • I fill my blog with random words and pictures of cute animals.
  • My blog is a long, rambling substitute for a "My Child Is An Honor Student" bumper sticker.
  • My blog is a pathetic and failed attempt at attention.
  • My blog is a trusted source for collie photos, self-flagellation, shared gripes, eco-rants, and biased cycling news.
  • My blog is a Fair and Balanced look at time wasting strategies.
Let me know if you come up with something.

1 comment:

hedera said...

If you're like me, the answer to "what is it you blog about?" is "whatever I damn please," or some variant thereon.

You shouldn't let these people get to you like that.