Monday, September 29, 2008

Leaving for LA

Home Depot Center Velodrome/ADT Event Center/Snickers Bar Cycling Track/Maidenform Oval Thingy

We're off to Track National Championships, Version 2008. No road trip in the team van this time. Just a regular, old, boring airplane flight of which I am not afraid of in the least. Not afraid. Not afraid. Not afraid.

Unfortunately, we may have to miss seeing our old buddy, Craig Ferguson, as his show tapes in the afternoon, and we may not have any of those free. Same holds true for our real friend, Adam Felber's show, Real Time, with the stranger Bill Maher (you can't expect me to be on a first name basis with everyone).

I'll be in touch via raspberry if something crazy happens.

I'm going to go pack my Valium now.

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SeattleTammy said...

Hi Hi! I've just officially "Tagged" you!