Sunday, September 07, 2008

Out Experiencing Life. Back Later.

Drew is taking me camping in the Steens Mountains* for our anniversary tomorrow.

Check back next weekend for important updates.

*Far southeast corner of Oregon where there are more wild horses than people. But more cowboy hats than heads.


DT said...

happy anniversary!

hedera said...

I've been in extreme southeast Oregon - some years ago we stayed overnight in French Glen, next to the Malheur Wildlife Refuge. The wildlife I mainly remember are the deerflies, which seemed to me to be roughly the size of small commuter aircraft. I don't want to be able to count the facets on the damn thing's eyes. The food was good though; there's nothing to do there except cook. There were chickens living under the porch.

When we left we drove east on a state highway which we shared with a herd of cattle, and a pair of teenaged cowboys, on horseback.