Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sometimes Goth Is Just Not Gothy Enough.

And maybe you have a bit of a problem with obsessing and maybe you can't sit still. Then you have the choice of remaking yourself into a steampunk,

which seems to be equal parts geeky, pathetic, and hip. Geeky because you can't care what other people think of you when you tool around town in your tophat with your iphone encased in turn-of-last-century brass fittings, pathetic because you are forced to spend most of your otherwise social time making brass fittings for your tophat, scooter,

iphone, computer, and underwear (I can only guess), and hip, because of this.

I just don't have the energy.


CFL said...

I am so not steampunk.

CFL (Captain for life)

DT said...

when i saw that in the times i wasn't sure if i was impressed or horrified that the paper spent so much time detailing it...

i guess it's a good aside from "X numer of people died in sectarian fighting in Kerplunkistan today..."

piglet said...

Maybe you just need to give YOUR style a name, and get some of that NYT space for yourself.