Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Spring Blog Cleaning

I have spent the last week spring cleaning and spring fixing, and all that do-gooding has left me empty-brained and stupid. So to leave my reader with something as opposed to nothing, I will do one last bit of spring cleaning, and empty out my Raspberry, and all the bits of paper I've written crap on that has not been worthy of blog posting up until now. So you can probably skip this one and re-read the bunny story.

  • Scribbled on scratch paper: If pancake houses gave their customers only as much butter as he or she actually needs, as opposed to the amount necessary to grease a slip-n-slide, we could use the savings to bio-fuel the country's fleet of trucks carrying Big-n-Tall and "Woman's" clothing.
  • Also scribbled on scratch paper: the names of the main TAPS team dudes: Jason Hawes, Grant Wilson and Steve Gonsalves. I think I was planning to do a whole post on how obsessed I am about their Sci Fi Channel show Ghost Hunters, but that idea fizzled out. But you should still watch the show. They are (or were, in the early seasons of the show) plumbers by day and ghost investigators by night (really), and do not have a problem calling bogus when there are only bad pipes or faulty wiring in a house instead of the ghost that the home owners were kind of hoping for. The early seasons were so awesomely homemade, with deliciously stilted set-ups and a wonderfully nasty trailer as the TAPS "headquarters," but they have smoothed things out now, which kind of takes some of the fun out of it.
  • Oh, yes, and TAPS stands for The Atlantic Paranormal Society. Yes, they make use of the "The." I think I like that most of all.
  • On my Raspberry: a note to myself that my new glasses seem to be an exact match of the ones worn by Leonard on the nerd sitcom Big Bang Theory (or is it The Big Bang Theory?), which horrified me and made me happy at the same time. Why do I identify with those guys? That's when I realized I have all the social awkwardness of a geek without the Gatesian technical or scientific skill.
  • And finally: a note about the fact that - no, I'll save that for seed.

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