Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Brave New World Covered in Paper

Remember when our computers promised to usher in the Paperless Office of the Future?

We made six hotel reservations online last night. Between the print-outs of the reservations and the print-outs of the confirming emails (all highly urged for our protection), I just printed out the last of 35 pages of important confirmational information. And that is being careful not to print out any of those empty pages with one line of web-garble.

End rant.

Note: Did you pay any attention to what you just read or are you too busy wondering why that computer has an enormous steering wheel? Because that would be the correct response.


cpt a said...

A real "brave new worlderer" would just take it on faith...she wouldn't need no stinkin' confirmations.

Brian & Becca Davis said...

Where are you guys going?


We gotta plan another "trouble" evening/day soon!

piglet said...

Taking the kids to Colorado Springs so Dean can get all Olympic on our asses.

Then taking a Bryce/Zion Canyon loop on the way home.

Heart-wrenching and fun!

Mama Drama Jenny, the Bloggess said...

"No, sir. I didn't finish those reports?"

"Why not?"

"Because my computer doesn't have a steering wheel."