Wednesday, March 05, 2008

What Year Is It in The Land of Heloise?

I did not know that Hints from Heloise, a column dedicated to extreme homemaking, still existed until I resubscribed to Vancouver's ultra-right-wing paper, The Columbian (motto: What Would Cheney Do?).

Why did I resubscribe? I don't know. Not enough sources of red-hot fury in my life? I thought I could use a reality check on what the other, unthinking, unfeeling, unwashed, half thinks (apparently they think that firefighters should work seven 12-hour days a week according today's winning editorial letter-writer).

I'm getting off track. I wanted this post to have little other than this helpful hint, sent to Heloise by a helpful hinter from Chino Valley, Arizona:

Dear Heloise: My husband doesn't like the crumbs in the bottom of the cereal box.
When it's bran flakes, I use a colander to strain the crumbs off and save them until I'm making bran muffins. If it's cornflakes, I crush them further for crumbs for coating fish or the top of casseroles.

I hope Gloria Steinem doesn't read The Columbian. This might just send her into a spiral of depression from which she could not recover.

Cue Tina Fey's brilliant "Bitch is the New Black" rant on Hillary Clinton, stat!

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