Saturday, September 15, 2007

This Class Is Bumming Me Out

It turns out that this class mainly teaches you what your dog should already know in order to be admitted as a Therapy Dog, and that you are responsible for teaching your dog those things.


Secondly, it turns out that a class full of dogs is a little too much stimulation for Scotty. (Surprise!)

Yes, Scotty was the evil child, whining and carrying on while the other dogs were sweet and laid back.

All the stimulation made him completely forget all his (admittedly spotty) training. He was so excited by the other dogs that he could not pay attention to me, or care about behaving, even for treats.

Guess I'm going to spend the next five weeks walking Scotty around the farmer's market, the playground, and Main Street, and relearning our good-dog behavior.

What a bummer.

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