Wednesday, September 05, 2007

If You Are Traveling Near Me, For God's Sake, Look Where You're Going

Hey, sometimes? On the highway? During rush hour? The traffic stops. That's when you should LOOK WHERE YOU'RE GOING, DUMBASS! And don't use my FAVORITE CAR AS A BRAKE! With your lifted-up gas guzzling earth-killing-emission-spewing FORD F-250!

This was the only car I've ever patted on the hood and thanked for the ride. I feel pain.
Good thing that dude had insurance. We have learned from fellow Prius owners that the collision bills on these babies can be steep. The last one who backed into a post with her freshly purchased Prius got a $7,000 bill. And she didn't have a dented hatchback like I have. Makes you kinda shudder, doesn't it?
We were on our way back from the Rembrandt and Friends exhibit at the Portland Art Museum, and I had plenty to say. That will all have to wait until I can access the non-rage portion of my brain.

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