Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I Was There

Know how it's all cool to see a total eclipse of the sun, or a comet that comes around every 120 years? That's what it's like to experience a 90-plus-degree day at the Oregon coast. Those days come around once in a lifetime if you're lucky. Factor in the improbability of such a day without a howling wind, and, well, I can't think of a number that high.

And we were there.

It was Sunday. All the families with kids had to pile in their minivans and head back to the city, but we had Monday off, and we just waved as they left. Then we put on our shorts (shorts!), sunblock (lots!), and hiking boots, and headed up the road to Yaquina Head.

We sweated!

Then we had local fish and chips and chowder. Okay, that part really wasn't improved by the weather, in fact, the Yaquina Head Cafe has no air conditioning (for that one day per century need), but still.

I walked barefoot on the beach!

I saw two girls in bikinis! I had to rub my eyes at that one. That's like seeing cows walking upright, shopping at the mall. You might as well put two girls in bikinis questioning General Petraeus on the Senate floor. Sometimes girls try to wear bikinis on the Oregon coast, but they usually end up with a sweatshirt on over the top, and goosebumps visible from the lighthouse.

Anyway, we were there. It was our 25th anniversary.

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Linkmeister said...

Happy Anniversary. If you're going to celebrate one, that coast is a good place to do it (unless it's Columbus Day weekend and there's not a motel vacancy in sight until you get to Longview WA, as happened to me on vacation back in the 1980s).