Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A little quiz, or " el quizzo"

Say a bunch of guys go to the Baja peninsula for a little dirt biking and cerveza drinking? Say these guys do something safety-oriented for a living, say, just as an example, oh…firefighters? Just hypothetical, mind you.

So being Hypothetical Firefighters (HFFs), they bring lots of bottled water, and stay away from salads washed in the local mud puddle or what have you, and generally behave like very safety conscious tourists, sticking to their bottled water and Coronas.

Then, when they get to Todos Santos, a nice fishing-village-turned-rich-American-artist-colony, they decide to splurge and sample the local (raw) oysters (whilst avoiding the deadly salad)?

What do you think might happen to one of said HFFs?

If you guessed typhoid-style bacteria, Exorcist-style barfing and a trip to the local clinico for a south-of-the-border-style IV, you win!

Viva los oysters el nudo!


Dean said...

that is so rock

piglet said...

"Rock" as an adjective...how kitten.

Drew said...

The Exorcist style barfing was so not rock...