Sunday, February 19, 2006

We Are NOT All Made of Stars

Sorry, Moby, but the proof is in the "Next Blog" button. If we are to be judged by the company we keep, than you can put me down under the "loser blogger who mistakenly thinks her life is worth reading about" column. O. M. G. I am seriously bummed. What should I do? Accept my fate and keep prattling on? Never hit the "Next Blog" button again? Oog.

Here. Since I can't write while bumming, I will "treat" you to another picture: my first commissioned work. I finally remembered to photograph a painting before giving it away. Anyway, this is what my oils end up looking like (although every other one is of some sort of bear - hard to explain that, so I won't).


Shannon Skerrit said...

I take offense to that. My lawyer (pin-pong) will be in touch.

piglet said...

Blogs on my "favorites" list excepted, of course.