Friday, February 10, 2006

My life is flashing before my eyes

My life is flashing before my eyes. Only this time, my future is really awesome looking. And I’m not me. I’m my son. Wait. Back up, start over.

My son is making some really crazy parallels to the life that Capt. A. and I started over 25 years ago, and it makes us look at each other and shake our heads. Is it the genes, or crazy fate?

Like us, he found someone in high school who, despite the odds of it, fit him like a puzzle piece. Like us, it wasn’t long after that he realized the fact and gave her a ring.

Here’s where our paths are probably going to deviate, because he is going to have many more opportunities than Capt. A., and she is smarter and braver than I am and is going to take the opportunities that are open to her.

I think they will be really, really successful and happy.

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