Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Guess I Didn't Have Enough Dog Hair

He looked so small in the kennel at the Humane Society dog ward. Small and pathetic. And he had been in the joint for a week with no takers. What was I supposed to do?

Besides, I wasn’t the one who went down the next day and picked him up. It was Drew. So don’t start.

Here he is, picking up some begging tips from Annie. For some reason, Annie thought the camera looked delicious.

His name is Scot Evil, because we had a feeling, after we realized we had introduced a bouncy, bouncy toddler-age dog into a non-child- or dog-proofed home (what, dog-proof for Annie, affectionately known as “the lump”?), that we would be saying, “Scotty don’t” a lot. And “zip it.” And “SCOT!!!” (For those of you unaware of the mystique that is Seth Green as Scot Evil, I refer you to the Austin Powers trilogy.)

Annie was clearly disturbed and sulked for two days. After her two days were up, she came out of her bed and asserted herself as top dog. Odd to see Miss Submissive become Miss Whips & Chains overnight. You would have to see it to believe it. The second night of her new life as Miss Dominant, we woke up to hellish snarls and turned on the light to find Scotty pinned to the wall by his throat. Who knows what disallowed behavior he was attempting, but it obviously didn’t fly with Miss Leather & Heels over there.

Now Annie is a much more active, happy dog. Dogs are pack animals. They like to have company. As long as the company knows its place.

He was so dirty and skinny. Now he’s just skinny. And we know that he hates baths. I’ll show you a picture of Scott and me in the tub if you promise not to laugh at my uber-Celtic winter skin color (which isn’t really much different than my summer skin color). But he follows us everywhere, runs (happily) with me in the morning, and reminds us of our first collie, Shelby (R.I.P.).

He’s going to be my fitness regimen. There’s nothing like a bored and twitchy collie toddler to make you get up early in the morning.

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