Monday, May 03, 2010

Life Is Beautiful, California Needs to Get Their Shit Together, and Cancer Sucks

What?! There's no wi-fi at this glorious campground overlooking Monterey Bay with the smell of eucalyptus in the air? Not cool, California! Not cool!

I'm ready to blame the color of John Boehner on California right now, after experiencing what the "highways" have been reduced to thanks to the "leadership" of this once great state. Guard rails left dangling. Crash bumpers, once filled with sand, limp with use and neglect. Highways with holes so big, even with a sports bra on, I was in pain. The MaxFunCan took a beating. The microwave platter was chipped (yes, there's a microwave, duh) and the dishes went flying. It looked and felt like Mad Max California Apocalypse Edition. I was left with an urge to hoard gas and pack heat. Schwarzenegger, CA legislature, pull your over-inflated head out!

Where was I?

Capitola. New Brighton State Park. I'll add pictures later. We've been to the beach. We've been to the pier. We've had fish tacos in Capitola. We are currently sitting in the shade of eucalyptus and pine trees, drinking cold beverages. We are happy.

Meanwhile in Clovis, our dear, dear sister-in-law is in the hospital, newly diagnosed over the weekend with acute myeloid leukemia. "Sister-in-law" does not capture the pure light that radiates from this mother of two darling girls. Brandy should have pulled the highest draft card number in the worldwide cancer draft. Why she pulled such a low number is a logic game mere mortals have no business playing. I'm just confident that her inner light will laser-vaporize whatever malevolent cancer demon is working inside her bones. Godspeed, Brandy. We are all on your side.

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