Saturday, October 31, 2009

Vaginas Are Gross. Thanks, Lysol!

The Oregonian sent me to this post on Oddee today. Thanks, Oregonian! I learned that if I don't look lovely in the morning, my husband will find another honey by the end of his work day, and that I better, by Odin's hammer, bring home the right coffee, and if I like a man's slacks, he has a license to kill me, and, well, men are better than women.

Thanks, Mad Men!


hedera said...

Appalling. Really appalling is the fact that the Afghan legislature (remember Afghanistan?) just passed a law saying that if a woman won't give her husband sex on demand, he can starve her. He can withhold food. Apparently this is Shia law.

The article didn't discuss personal hygiene.

This attitude may have moved out of the U.S. but by God it's still around.

piglet said...

I saw a news report the other day about young girls who have set themselves on fire to escape their much older, abusive "husbands." It's a travesty and a shame on their country.

What quirk of fate landed our souls in this country, rather than that one?

It's more than my heart can handle.