Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Test Your Awareness: Do The Test

This is worth sharing. Dean says Do The Test.


hedera said...

I did the test. Got the right number of passes, missed the moonwalking bear. (Wotinell is "moonwalking," anyway, and before you ask, no, I never have seen "Thriller" and I never plan to.)

Since this is about watching for cyclists, I'll note that when I'm driving, especially in Oakland, I DO watch for cyclists! More, I'm afraid, than they watch for me.

piglet said...

A "moonwalk" is a dance move that M. Jackson debuted on the now legendary Motown 25th Anniversary Special. Don't ask me what year that was. When Jackson did the moonwalk, he seemed to be gliding backward and forward at once. It was pretty eye popping at the time and worth checking out on YouTube if you've never experienced it.

This bear does a lousy job of imitating it (sorry, fuzzy bear).

ALSO: Because of the way human brains work, bad cyclists hurt the image of all cyclists much more than many more good cyclists can repair it.

Knock it off, bad cyclists!