Monday, August 17, 2009

It's Coco Day

The damn dogs always get all the attention. They outweigh, outbark, outpuke, and outplay Coco, a kind of midgetty, curmudgeonly cat. Besides all that, she's black, which is a challenge to photograph without ending up with a camera full of black blobs.

But she does do some cute things occasionally, and even less occasionally when I have my camera handy.

So here are a sorry few photos of Coco.

Now it's 5:00 p.m. Time to feed the cat. I know because she is reminding me.

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JD said...

Coco is adorable. Brings to mind my Pıtır. She is yellow-eyed, black like that and with just a chest tuft of white.

Hates being picked up, except for a hoist-and-drop from straight above. And then only if patted on both cheeks straight after.

Pıtır: re the name, it's Turkish - note the dotless "I"s (it means "pitter" as in "pitter patter") -- and she looks beautifully like Coco.

Basement cat, eh? Sensible.


(Ex Vancouverite - B.C - now in Montreal).