Sunday, December 09, 2007

Letter to The World


There's this guy I know. He's the best kind of human - generous, kind, energetic, and committed to helping others, even at his own expense.

Do not piss on him anymore. Do not send him any more humans that will say one thing and do another. Or that use him and discard him. You might think that a guy who lives a Real Man's Life would not feel a stab to the heart like other people, but you would be wrong.

I know, I could ease his pain by telling him all the things I wrote in the second sentence of this letter. But I won't.

His friends could say, "She's an idiot," or, "You can do better," but that's not saying what we really mean. What we mean is, "We were hoping she was the one, and that she could make you happy, because you deserve it." But that doesn't seem like a helpful thing to say.

So the only helpful thing I can think of is: quitting pissing on him, World. You owe him some "happily ever after," so get on it.

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