Friday, December 07, 2007


Useful in emergencies.


Brian & Becca Davis said...

a) how do you FIND these things

b) would like to see Drew's training exercises for these situations

c) dark and cold indeed. i hate it. we need to get together for rich desserts and hearty drinks and comforting foods STAT

cpt a said...

What a tool, get it...OK story time, this guy wanted the end of his penis pierced so his "boyfriend" did the honors. He placed his unit on a 2x4 and hammered a nail through it. When they couldn't remove the nail due to the excruciating pain and they couldn't stop the copious bleeding they decide to call 911. The VFD got the honors..."Now this is gonna sting a little"...yeah, we got it out. Wonder if they're still a couple.