Tuesday, October 09, 2007

This Just In: Busy Woman Takes Time to Update Her Blog

  • We spent last week not painting the house. Too much rain. Shocked, you say? Nevertheless. We will probably spend this week doing the same.
  • Scotty made it through a staged earthquake on Saturday, assisting pretend victims by being cute. Again, he loved the people. The other dogs were hard to ignore.
  • The Famed World Travelers, Becca (and Brian) came over on Saturday. We planned on picking their brains on how to world-travel, but we didn't get around to it. We'll have to try again soon. They're the good kind of dinner guests - they bring wine.
  • Sunday, Drew managed to not race another cylcocross race. Kind of his specialty.
  • Meanwhile, I helped another class of therapy dog candidates in their testing process. I excelled in my part as Crowd Member Number 5.
  • We finished up the weekend by eating too much at Fire On The Mountain (chicken wings and spicy sauces) in PDX with some 'cross racers who actually raced at the race. I stuck with barbecue sauce because I do not enjoy pain.
  • We took a hike on Monday by going too far up the Eagle Creek trail, and realizing somewhere along the path that we were both coming down with colds and our feet hurt.
  • My car is back! Now it smells like grease and paint.
  • Do NOT hit my car. A reminder.

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