Thursday, October 25, 2007

Don't You Wish You Were Here Right Now?

Here are some pictures from the last time I got Drew to go hiking with me. This is the Eagle Creek trail in the Columbia Gorge.

Yes, his feet hurt. But it was worth it. And I got to try out my new camera. It was worth it too.

This (below) is Punchbowl Falls, once featured on the cover of a totally awesome Styx album (pre log fallage). Rock on.

I try to catch Drew tending to his delicate feet and/or knees at some point in each hike.

Happy autumn. Go outside and look at the leaves.


cpt a said...

sweet pics, 'cept for that bendy over dude...what a tool. Awesome camera work though.

Brian & Becca Davis said...

Purty. :-)

Where do we sign up?


Brian & Becca Davis said...

So we succumbed to the peer pressure and headed out to Eagle Creek this weekend. Did a quick trip up to the high bridge and back (with the obligatory detour to Punchbowl). Wanted to go see Tunnel falls but didn't have time today. I may post my pics, but since we were morning with the sun in our face it didn't come out as well. Thanks for the idea and inspiration!

piglet said...

Hah! That's what you get for being early risers! I knew there was an upside to not being able to get out of the house before 11:30.