Sunday, March 11, 2007

Note To Horror Movie Producers: Give Up.

It's already been done better than you can do with your all your CGIs and your DGMs (that's your Digital Goo Makers).

The Shining has already been made. There's not going to be another Jack. Timberline's not going to let you try another remake at their cool spooky snow lodge. And that scary little kid has grown up.

So go try to find a way to make a halfway decent romantic comedy, because The Shining has been done, and you can't make it better.


Obvy, I just watched The Shining all the way through for the first time on the Sci Fi Channel, and even though there were commercials (which helped me finish the laundry) and I kept noticing things like the bourbon in Jack's glass go from 1/4 full to 1/2 full after a cutaway, I can imagine the affect it must have had on theater goers. No wonder everybody still quotes that movie.

No wonder people keep trying to make horror pictures. They keep thinking they'll strike the same nerve.

Won't happen, people. I'm telling you. It's been perfected.

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