Friday, March 02, 2007

Friday Night Blather.

My mind is not traveling in a straight line today. It's veering thither and yon. Like this.
  • I had to hire a new CPA because our last tax preparers went all flaky on us. Unfortunately, this is the worst year, money-wise, for hiring a new CPA. We're broke. We spent all our money on non-tax-write-off-able stuff. Like Dean's rent. And Dean's food. And bike parts. And a new roof. We didn't even have enough to show a respectable charity write-off amount. How embarrassing. If we end up having to pay taxes, I will have to sell velvet paintings on the street corner for the money. I suppose CPAs are supposed to attempt to be non-judgmental, but I think I was testing her straight face.
  • I bought concert tickets on a whim today. More like under duress. I checked my secondary email account just in time to find a presale from KNRK for the Decemberists. The tickets go on sale to the public tomorrow, but since I'm such an awesome radio listener, they gave me a password to order today. But only until 4 today. Well, it was 3:30. What else was I supposed to do? So I did. I bought 4 so Dean and Jenny could go with us.
  • Don't be giving me that look. I know I just told you we were broke. But this is The Decemberists. Back off.
  • I emailed Dean and Jenny at 6:15 to see if they were free that day, and Dean called me at 6:16. Seems that they are free.
  • Never buy a pearly colored car. It looks dirty at the first molecule of dust. It only goes downhill from there. Right now, after 3 straight weeks of rain, it looks like a 60-year-old corrugated tin shed.
  • British soccer players have cool names. At least they sound cool coming through my slightly damaged hearing. During a recent Blackburn/Arsenal match, there seemed to be a Tuareg, a Phlegmy, an Abudobby, a Flabbergast, and one Olly-olly Oxenfree.
  • However, I heard a local urchin mom calling her personal urchin Anakin. Yes. The Skywalker of Jedi fame, later to exhibit a serious character flaw by assuming the cute nickname Darth Vader and killing people willy-nilly, if I have my Star War-abilia correct.
  • Somebody shot and killed a sandhill crane in Vancouver. They should rot in jail.
  • I'm going to go eat some chocolate now. Happy weekend!

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