Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Items of Interest


I bought two pairs of Dockers today.

Bite me. They fit.


I saw a squirrel fall out of a tree yesterday. Yes, onto his back, and then get up and scramble back into the tree. No sign of evil tree-pushing squirrels, and it's not mating season when they are all insane. He seemed to have accomplished it all by himself. Beat that.


My dog tripped me while running this morning, and now I have to walk around for a week with a big scab on my chin. I have got to teach him some manners before he kills us both. I know he knows what he's supposed to do because I got up, screaming mad, yelled at him for being an ass, and turned around for home. Whilst walking home, he heeled like he was in an obedience competition. I think that might have just made me angrier.


I also bought two boxes of See's dark chocolate peppermint candies today. Hands off. They are chin scab medicine.


Drew said...

Your Dockers are cool, you forgot to mention your new hiking boots (way cool), your dog is an ass (sometimes) but mostly he's just a goof ball, and where exactly did you hide the pepermint candies??

piglet said...

Re: hiking boots: notice the time stamp.

Re: ass dog: no more Mrs. Nice Girl.

Re: Candy: That's on a need to know basis, and you don't need to know.

Drew said...

Re: "Notice the time stamp"? You're somehow under the impression that I am at least minimally techno savy?? Oh contrer...what's a time stamp?

cooper said...

piglet, when I need chin scab medicine, my drug of choice is Linder's 70% dark chocolate.

piglet said...

Linder's 70%...efficient chocolate delivery for sure. I find it more fun to have to work a little for my chocolate by mixing it with something unchocolate. Its like a treasure hunt in my mouth! Ewww. Sorry.