Monday, December 12, 2005

Message received...BUT NOT HEEDED.

It seems Animal Planet has been made aware of a certain cutting, yet witty and cute, critique of their little cable station. (By the way, I'm still out roughly $900 in vet bills thanks to them.)

They have chosen to respond by titling a recent Detroit Animal Cops episode "Piglet's Got to Go." They tried to disguise the obvious message by including a short vignette regarding a pot-bellied pig which was removed from a house because of a city-wide ban. Yeah. Whatever.

Game on.


chestre said...

Maybe they don't mean go, they mean GO, MAN! like when keroac and the beats used to say it when they got really jacked up and some jazz dude was up on stage rockin out and he was feeling it and everybody else was feeling it, so they wanted him to REALLY feel it so they would yell out GO, MAN! GO!!

Maybe it's like that.

piglet said...

Yes, I suppose Animal Planet might jag into a Kerouacian moment or two, but I doubt it.
I prefer to stay paranoid.