Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Hello, Guinness?

Am I the first to complete a crossword puzzle while on the treadmill? No? Okay. Well, Actually, I didn't 100% complete it... Okay, nevermind.


chestre concordia said...

So this one time I was doin this crossword (I mean I was really hammering the thing, I was showing this puzzle that I was the man) and I got so into it that I started thinking really far ahead of where I was at on the page, to the point that I was finishing questions before I even saw them (I was even making that 'concentrating' face where my tongue sticks out like it's an antenna that can maybe catch stray brainwaves floating around my head), which actually turned out kind of embarrassing because for a question like "Four letter word for passed;" I was writing stuff like: "SHAZAM!" which doesn't really fit in the four letter thing and also doesn't make alot of sense unless you're really really wierd, and you probably wouldn't be reading someone's already done crossword anyway, you'd be making a coat out of human skin or going running or something, but that's not the point because I was thinking so fast that I actually started thinking about what I was going to do for the rest of the day and then I got kind of depressed because I realized that I wasn't going to be doing much aside from hanging out at a bike shop writing blogs and talking about other people's blogs and commenting on blogs and selling the occasional overpriced accessory, but that's not really all that bad is it, because in the big picture, how many people get paid to bog?

piglet said...

Okay, what's a five-letter word for "too much Red Bull"?

Anonymous said...

Well it's not 5 letters but Rock Star might do it. Or maybe Stumptown?

Depends if you are working out on the east side with the Meth heads or closer in with the hipster inde junkies.