Wednesday, November 30, 2005

What if I were dead right now?

Do you skip past the obituaries really fast like I do so I don't have to think about the big D?

Even though I hate thinking about, you know, it, I was listening to a song the other day, and I thought that if I were to pick the music for my own funeral, I would pick this song, and yet no one would have guessed it.

Then we were re-watching High Fidelity the other day and the topic of top five funeral songs came up.

You know what that means: piglet's top five funeral songs (one rule: it had to currently be in my iTunes library, otherwise I would have spent 5 1/2 hours browsing on Amazon and would have eventually forgotten my original goal and ended up buying myself a used hard-back copy of A Prayer for Owen Meany or something). My list.

  1. Because (Beatles) by the Nylons. This is the song. The Song.
  2. Common Threads by Bobby McFerrin. No words. Lots of time to think about how you've always wanted to tell me I'm the best artist and/or dancer you ever met, but it's too late now, buddy.
  3. Secret O' Life by JT. Because James Taylor should know the secret of life, so I guess we should listen.
  4. Walk on the Ocean by Toad the Wet Sprocket. Because I'd like to walk on the ocean. And they talk about being forgotten soon after they've gone.
  5. My Last Cigarette by k.d. lang. I've never smoked. But this song is so sad. And she sings "there are some things that I promised myself, things that I haven't done yet.." Soo sad. I want everybody to cry.

Now, the top five songs to play at my wake:

  1. All These Things That I've Done by The Killers. First, their name is The Killers. Second, it's a kick-ass song (remember: "I've got soul but I'm not a soldier..").
  2. Newborn Friend by Seal. Because I want everybody to have a good time, but then wonder about what the hell he means ("I wash my faith in dirty water/I wash my face in dirty water....if I chant for happiness, maybe that will make me feel better...") yeah.
  3. The Great Beyond by REM. Just to keep your minds on my recent demise.
  4. Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell by The Flaming Lips. "I was waiting on a moment, but the moment never came. All the billion other moments were just slipping all away..."oh, ow. This is for all the still-living people at my wake who may be waiting on that moment. Plus, it's pretty. And it's got "Gates of Hell" in the title.
  5. Ray of Light by Madonna. Because you should dance.


Drew said...

You are the best artist and dancer I have ever met...and I'm not leaving you home alone anymore...

piglet said...

Unit Activity. I like it. Now write something.

Dean said...

i would have to chose something bizzare like himalayan throat singing... popular songs are no good for funerals and wakes, because then when people hear those songs in everyday situations they get all depressed and it bums them out. Throat singing.

piglet said...

That's my boy!

piglet said...

And btw, don't you want to haunt somebody by attaching yourself to a popular song? It would work like a cheap version of immortality.

GirlOverboard said...

I think all mothers should haunt their sons after they have passed on. That is what I plan to do. Go ahea, play the modern songs.

F.O.D. (Friend Of Dean)

piglet said...

Girloverboard - word.
And welcome to the Thousand Anxiety Wood.